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You cannot fulfil your all of the demands without using internet and it is possible when you will get internet. You need to use Wi-Fi for your smartphone and tablet PC. Now you will get all of the modern devices supports Wi-Fi facility. You need to use a router for enabling Wi-Fi internet in your home and office. A router is very cheap and you can order any router from any brand but I suggest you to buy a router from popular brands Asus, Belkin, Compex, Cisco, D-link, Linksys etc. Those brands are popular for providing best customer care supports and different service for free. You will get nice feedback from the customers and other users. You have to think about the product quality and range of the router. SO, you can easily fulfil your demand quick.
All of the routers come with all of the necessary cables and device. In the router box, you will get manual and some others which are important for all of the users and all of the users should read those papers and manual. You should collect the default IP address, default username and default password. Most of the routers from above use IP address This default IP address has many value and with this IP address. You can get access the router. You should not change the default IP address and you should make it confirm. You can change the default IP address when you will face the IP confliction problem.
The main settings of the router are inside of the router and you can easily login to the router if you have all default login detail things. Now you need a browser and you need to use that browser for login to the site. If you have IP address or you have found the IP address from the router manual, then you should type the IP address on the browser address bar. When you press Enter button from the keyboard or you can click on the Go button from browser, then a login form should be appeared. You should use the default username and password on the form. Now type the default username and password as well as press on the Enter button from keyboard, then you can login to the router control.
Once you have logged in the router control, you can setup internet, Wi-Fi network range and Wi-Fi security. Many things you can do with after login to the router control. When you will face IP confliction problem, then you can change the default IP address Later I will discuss it in detail. Now you should use the Wizard tool for setup the router for Wi-Fi internet. The Wizard tool makes first to setup Wi-Fi in your computer. Everything is very easy and after setup Wi-Fi, you should save it. If you read the router manual, then you will find the router to use easily. All of the settings are very easy and in the next step I will explain how to change default IP address
IP address blocks the network and that is why, you cannot use internet until you fix the IP address confliction problem. The IP address confliction problem will be solved by changing the default IP address When you want to change the default IP address, then you have to think of the IP address C. This is major thing which ensure the IP address type. The IP address is a C lass and this type of IP address is used in the home router. You cannot change the default IP address from the front. It means that you cannot change any number of 192.168 but you can change the IP address from back side 1.10. You can use any number in the place of X from 0 to 255 in the IP address 192.168.X.X. You can setup Now you need to know what are things can make the IP address false.
You may have noticed that the IP address is full of numbers and dots. In the IP address, there is no other things. You cannot use letter, space or any other symbol. If you put anything else among those things, then the IP address will be fake. You cannot type or save the false IP address in the router device. The device does not allow to setup the IP address. Always you use IP address as correct format.
Router security is not much important than the Wi-Fi. As Wi-Fi is available through the air, that is why it is very easy to hack. Some users think about the router settings and that is why, they change the default IP address but if they change the default username and password, then it will be enough for securing the router. You should concern about the Wi-Fi security and this is why, you need to use encrypted security, Setup a hard password for Wi-Fi, change default SSID network name etc. You should read the router manual to know more about the router security. If the device is modern, then you may get some more features.
The ping command is important thing and by this command you can identify the communication problem of the router and computer. Everything is very easy and you need to use the IP address. If you use default IP address for those routers, then it will be good. Some users do not know how to initiate the command. For initiation the command you need to use command prompt window. You just go to start menu and click on the run button. On the box of the run, type the “CMD” and press enter button, the command prompt page will run.
Now if you are unsure about the IP address of the router, then use “ipconfig” command on the Command window and type the enter button again. If you use the default IP address, then you will see the Default gateway of the router and IP address will be Now on the same page use command “ping” and you can use continuous ping command to know more information about the router and computer connectivity. The continuous ping command is “ping -t”. You will get detail report soon. You need to close it by pressing CTL + Break or CTL +C button.
You need to read the router all of the papers and manuals. Because all of the major instructions come with the router device. You should read Wi-Fi troubleshooting page from the router manual. Because on the page, you will get many troubleshooting solutions quick. You need to use Wi-Fi and that is why you should know more about it. You can visit YouTube for video instruction. You can use Google to find out more information about your router brand. Do not worry, if the router has warranty period. Within the warranty period, you should take the router to the store or to the vendor to fix this problem for free.